Best iPod Gadget : iKon RC Buggy

There is a report out there that claims Apple’s devices are still the most desirable, never mind the fact that there are more Android-powered smartphones being used by the masses at the moment. I do wonder though – do all the rest of the mid-range Android owners really, really want an iPhone but could not afford one, hence settling for an Android device instead?


I would have thought that they would hold out with their current phones first, and make the switch to perhaps the free iPhone 3GS at the moment, never mind that it is behind by a couple of generations. Well, iPhone owners now have a new toy to play with – the £79.99 iKon RC Buggy.

This unique device will be able to cruise around the floor at around 10ft per second (that would make it go at around 7mph), where it ought to be able to shrug off some minor knocks and accidents since it is made from aluminum.


Not only that, rack and pinion steering as well as high-grip tyres make sure that controls are responsive enough to deliver superb handling. Even when you decide to send the iKon RC Buggy on an uneven ground mission, it will be able to do just fine with an independent wishbone suspension system.


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