Best Funny Gadget Stuff : Like and Dislike Stamps

The anonymity of cyberspace makes liking and disliking things for no apparent reason incredibly entertaining, especially when you can click on those Like/Dislike icons made famous by Facebook. The trouble is you can’t actually dislike anything on Facebook. But you can with Like and Dislike Stamps. 


Preloaded with ink, these zeitgeist-riding rubber stamps let you whack an unequivocal thumbs up/thumbs down on objects in the real world. Photo of Justin Bieber? Dislike! Kerry Katona’s advice column? Dislike! Letter from the Inland Revenue? Dislike! Homework? Dislike! Faulty goods? Dislike! Restaurant comment card? Dislike…Dislike! Dislike! Aargh! Actually, we hate most things so don’t listen to us.


Armed with a pair of Like and Dislike Stamps you can give your opinion, no matter how unfair, with one almighty thlump. Verbalising your uninformed observations? How terribly old fashioned.


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