Best Cool Gadgets Stuff : Subzero Warm Breath Balaclava

When the temps dip below freezing and you need to venture outside, the first thought is protection. Layering is of course a good idea, but to take things to the next level, you might want to invest in this: the Cold Avenger Expedition Balaclava. Perfect for shredding the slopes on a frigid morning, or taking the dog out for a romp in the snow. 


It provides about as much warmth as if you were sitting on the hearth, directly in front of the fireplace, not to mention you look like a bad ass samurai.  The Darth-Vader-style breathing apparatus is made of medical grader plastic and warms incoming air... Perfect for when you are dog sledding through the Alaskan wilderness. This balaclava will keep you feeling hot and toasty, even if your nuts are not!  Kick ass reflective goggles not included.


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