Best Tablet Cool Gadgets : E FUN Nextbook Premium 9 Android Tablet

A tablet a day, keeps the doctor away – sorry, that does not work, even though if the tablet’s you are brandishing in your hand is of the Apple variety. The E FUN Nextbook Premium 9 Android tablet is the next available model to be released in this hectic day and age, where it will come with a 9″ High-Definition touchscreen display, a front facing camera, a mini USB port and integrated Wi-Fi connectivity among others. There will also be pre-loaded software items to help you get started right out of the box, although I am not quite sure whether the power user would appreciate having such bloatware come with the tablet.


According to Jason Liszewski, managing director and vice president of sales for E FUN, “The Nextbook Premium 9 is the newest model of our Premium tablets. It is sleek, fast, and can easily be transported to work, school, or leisure activities. The 9”, easy-to-use touch screen and built-in Wi-Fi give busy students and professionals access to the applications they need on a daily basis. Users can read their favorite book, research on the Internet, view and email files, take notes, video chat, watch videos or listen to music.”


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