Best Conceptual Cool Gadget : Game Strap

Life, in modern times, is moving at a very fast pace and does not leave much time for entertainment and relaxing. In an attempt to inject some fun, Jiang Qian has designed the Game Strap that vows to help people unwind while commuting from one place to other. This will keep people entertained and occupied, making long waits and travel time all the more entertaining.


Game Strap is a handle that will be replaced by conventional ones that are fitted common sight when traveling on a bus or a subway. These will be given an all new appearance and will let people play games when it is held. The game turns on when the handle or strap is grasped.

The strap dangles from a point and hence can sway from left to right without much difficulty. Game Strap can be operated using a single hand and functions by pressing a button on the side of the design with the thumb. One button is present on each side and can be used as per the convenience of a user.


Commuters can play games like shooting, pinball, tetris and freekick, to name a few and kill boredom in style. Game Strap will also put on show the name of each arriving station and will vibrate as well, giving customers a reminder. Power is produced only with the grip of hand, which backs up the working of individual units. The game will stop as soon as the grip is released due to which the power get exhausted.

Game Strap is a great way to keep oneself entertained while moving around. It will unfurl fun and will also ensure complete security.


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