Best Automotive and Vehicle Gadget Stuff : Honda’s Micro Commuter concept car can be controlled with a smartphone

I have been seeing some nifty concept cars lately, like Toyota’s Fun-Vii. I’m not certain whether or not Honda can beat a car with touchscreen displays on the inside and outside, but the Honda Micro Commuter concept car could be it.


The Honda Micro Commuter does have interchangeable panels that insert in the front and sides that allow users to customize how their cars look with a 2D graphic pattern. Another killer feature is that it allows users to control the car’s various functions remotely via smartphone.
My Source does not reveal what functions are controllable with a smartphone, but I’m guessing that one can’t drive the car from the cell phone. I think James Bond had one of those in Tomorrow Never Dies. What is the legality of a full-sized remote control car?


Just to let you know, this car has a room for three. There is a driver that controls the car with two joystick-like levers, and two passengers can sit in the back. I like how the fenders practically cover the tires, and I love how the tires are white.

Yes, this is a concept car that was revealed this week at the Tokyo Motor Show, and it is probably not going to be hitting the road anytime soon.


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