Best Garden Gadget Stuff : Zipfy Sledge helps you scoot over the snow.

For those of us who live in areas where there is plenty of snowfall, surely having your own sled is a fun way of burning some calories, in addition to obtaining a thrilling ride for free thanks to the bounty of nature.

Well, you might want to color your Christmas this year with the £44.99 Zipfy Sledge that will come in a variety of shades – blue, green, red and pink.


Being smaller, lighter and infinitely more manoeuvrable compared to your standard plastic toboggan, this is one colorful sled which can be enjoyed by the entire family – simultaneously, to boot! All you need to do is lug it over your shoulder, go up the slope (the steeper the better), sit with a leg on either side of the black handle and give yourself a nice push to launch away.


You would find yourself careering down the hill in no time, seeing your adrenaline levels rise up by a considerable amount, and hitting speeds which might just set the State Troopers down on you for breaking the speed limit. Anyone up for some clean fun this winter?


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