Best Baby Gadget Stuff : Brinno PHV1330 Digital PeepHole Viewer

Most of us have those peepholes on our door that let us see who is there, even if it is a distorted fisheye point-of-view. Brinno’s new generation of Peephole Viewer, the PHV1330, allow the user to see who is at the door on a 3-inch LCD, sans distort.

Not only can the PHV1330 get rid of the distort, but it can also take an image of the visitor at the door, and keep the image on a Micro SD card. 

Another feature of the PHV1330 that trumps typical peepholes is that it has a brightness enhancer so it can see who is at the door when it is night out.

The PHV1330 is “easy to install” and stays on the door all the time. It isn’t on constantly as turning the power only lasts for a minute, but that’s all the glimpse you will need unless you will want to take a picture (to make it last longer). Yeah, I just had to add that last parenthetical.


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