Best Automotive and Conceptual Gadget Stuff : Toyota Fun-Vii.

Toyota has created one of the ultimate concept cars, and like most concept cars, I doubt there will be many copies of this on the road.


This is the Fun-Vii, and it is the best combination of a smartphone and a car that doesn’t end with a flattened mobile device. In case you can’t tell by this picture, the Fun-Vii has touch-sensitive displays that can show all sorts of colors, patterns, or photos.

I suppose that a good use for the Fun-Vii now would be as a roving billboard. Sort of like the ones that peruse the Las Vegas strip, but the Fun-Vii would have moving images on it.


By the way, the Fun-Vii has interior surfaces that are essentially one big display as well. I know that there is no way the DMV would approve of a vehicle that is essentially one giant distracted driving magnet on wheels.

Still, it is fun to imagine a whole road full of these. Perhaps if we live in some Minority Report world, where cars drive themselves automatically, this is what they look like. I wonder how much advertising space would cost for them, and would they make the world look more dystopian.


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