Best Funny Gadget Stuff : Keep Cool in Hot Weather by Using USB Necktie with Cooling Fan

Although we love summer but sometimes we can’t stand with the hot weather. I think we will choose to wear casual clothes than formal clothes. You know that the material for formal clothes is hot enough, you can imagine if you have to wear tuxedo.


A new revolutionary gadget is introduced. Wearing a tie becomes a common thing in a formal cloth and it makes us hot. But probably, this unique gadget can solve your problem. Thanko is shared to you their latest product known as Necktie with cooling fan. Just like the name of the product basically it is a combination between a necktie and cooling fan.


Even, the latest generation is combining it with USB device. I think it is a good stuff to buy because at least you can keep cool in a hot weather. Active and mobile people need to have this kind of device and based on the features it is a kind of perfect gadget.

We can also choose it in several colors and patterns so it makes this gadget even more attractive to wear. Although it looks weird to use but it can be a good solution for you to keep active in hot weather. I think you can also use it as a unique gift for your best friends.


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